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The Vision

All students in the UK can access high quality education regardless of the complexity of their needs.

The Mission

To use the virtual space to deliver the best quality education to those who need it the most.

A Welcome Message from Ayesha

I am so excited to have the opportunity to offer an alternative education provision that I genuinely believe in. I have been working in Education since 2010 and I have seen the impact that Covid had on our young people. Speaking to students from across the education spectrum, that period of instability has had a profound effect on the way in which they interact with the world and they have struggled to “get back to normal”. We could choose to blame technology for many of the problems our young people are facing, or we could embrace it and meet our children where they are. Nothing can replace the experience of school, but technology offers us a way to provide an interim step. Interactive online lessons can build confidence, re-engage students with their learning and strengthen resilience for young people who would otherwise be falling further away from their educational goals. We have created a programme that does this without losing any of the curriculum rigor or safeguarding expectations of a full school provision.

In Greek mythology when a hero cannot find the education they need in their community they go and find the centaur teacher Chiron. My hope is that Chiron OEP will be the Chiron of the 21st century and beyond. Providing outstanding education for anybody who needs it.

– Ayesha Allen Principal of Chiron OEP

Case Studies

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Our Approach

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A day never passes at EFH without all our staff being positive about education but only now, with the intervention of Chiron OEP is KM beginning to find her potential. Ayesha has things planned and good engagement with KM, she keeps EFH staff positive and updated about lessons and progress, and even during keyworker interventions KM has talked positively about her ability and her belief that she can get good grades in English and Maths.


Deputy Home Manager

The online provision from Salutem has been a fantastic element of support for a young person I support. This young person was completely disengaged from education but with the online provision she has been able to access her education, as well as the virtual school head being able to liaise with a local school to support the young person attending for her exams, where there was a lot of anxiety before.


Social Worker

Wow, this is amazing, I am SO proud – just fantastic. It’s lovely seeing him engage with education and hearing his voice.

Thank you once again, he’s such a lovely young person with great creativity and potential fingers crossed this is something that makes him smile again and he can keep growing in confidence.

A Proud Parent